An independent study of HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management and Friedrich Schiller University Jena deals with how RB Leipzig adds value to society as well as its contribution to the common good. 24 experts from various fields such as politics, society, business, the media, sports associations, but also fans and representatives from the football club were involved in answering one essential question: What makes RB Leipzig valuable for society in Leipzig and Eastern Germany?
From a regional perspective, the study concludes that the football club consistently and positively affects the common good – a contribution which goes well beyond success in sports and position ranking of the German Bundesliga season. Therefore, RB Leipzig does not only influence and enhance football but society, too. Focusing on determination and achievement in addition to sporting and entrepreneurial success leads to a new winner’s mentality and strengthens the identity as well as the self-awareness of the people living in Leipzig and Eastern Germany. The entire region experiences an increased and positive public attention and is revaluated. Furthermore, RB Leipzig has the chance to create a new or rather different football culture – a culture that is characterized by an open-minded, peaceful and family-friendly atmosphere, where violence and aggression are expelled from the grounds.